Emotions are Always True but Not Always Right
April 15, 2024

Growing up, did you ever use the playful colloquial term offering a friend “frontsies” or “backsies?”  Maybe you were in the lunch line or waiting in line for a movie.  Frontsies meant that you let your friend cut in front of you while backsies meant they could cut in behind.

On a recent trip to Wegmans I offered “frontsies” to the gentleman waiting behind me.  My cart was relatively full.  He only had two items and I wasn’t in a hurry.  It seemed like the polite thing to do.

No Negative Emotions
April 1, 2024

Picture this:  two pro football teams are about to face off. One team is decked out in all the gear – helmets, shoulder pads, knee pads.  They are equipped with the works.

The other team? They're just in their regular jerseys, no protective gear in sight. It’s like showing up to a marathon in flip-flops, right? This is a no-brainer – the team with all the gear has a huge advantage.  They can play harder, take risks, and stay safe, while the other team is left to play at a disadvantage.

Confirmation Bias & Equal Airtime
January 2, 2023

In this article, I’ll be reaching into my big bag of emotional intelligence tricks to pull out a new Knowledge Nugget called Confirmation Bias.  I’ll also be sharing a Tiny Tweak called Equal Airtime.  Let’s get started with some simplified neuroscience.

Every day, thanks to your five senses, your brain is exposed to thousands of pieces of information based on the things you see, smell, taste, touch and hear.  To get a sense of just how much information your brain processes in any given day, try doing a 10 second inventory.


Your Conversation Compass
November 28, 2022

When someone starts talking about a situation that involves difficult emotions, the individual on the receiving end of the conversation chimes in lickety-split.  They start talking without first getting a sense of the direction the conversation should be headed.

During this article, I’ll be reaching into my big bag of emotional intelligence tricks to pull out a Tiny Tweak called Your Conversation Compass.


The Scientist vs The Judge
October 31, 2022

Emotional intelligence requires a combination of self-awareness and self-discipline.  In this article, I’ll be reaching into my big bag of emotional intelligence tricks to pull out a Tiny Tweak called The Scientist vs The Judge.  Without a doubt, applying this tiny tweak requires a fair amount of self-discipline but the impact it can have on your thoughts is remarkable.  Let’s get started with this episode’s real-life story.


Filling in the Blanks
October 17, 2022

In this article, I’ll be reaching into my big bag of emotional intelligence tricks to pull out a Knowledge Nugget called Filling in the Blanks.  This explains how your mind responds when you don’t have complete information and in return, how this impacts your emotions.

Then, I’m going to pull out a Tiny Tweak called Inventory the Story to strengthen your ability to work with your emotions rather than working against them by learning how to practice a little thought management.


Two Questions to Ask when Anxiety is Active
October 3, 2022

Are you interested in controlling your Anxiety?  If so, stay tuned!  In this article, I’ll be reaching into my big bag of emotional intelligence tricks to pull out a Knowledge Nugget that defines Fear & Anxiety.

I also pull out a Tiny Tweak Technique you can use the next time your Anxiety is active called Recognizing Rational & Irrational Thinking.  Let’s get started with a brief story.


Do you Contribute to Unnecessary Drama & Needless Suffering?
September 19, 2022

When your Anger is active, do you contribute unnecessary drama and needless suffering?  In today’s episode, I’ll be reaching into my big bag of emotional intelligence tricks and pulling out two very powerful Tiny Tweak Techniques called Thinking about Your Thinking and Real-Time Rapid Thought Reviews.  Let’s get started with a story.


10 Questions to Determine if You're Emotionally Intelligent
September 5, 2022

Any good entrepreneur knows, “supply and demand” is a fundamental business principle.  Simply put, you would much rather be selling band aids to someone who is bleeding in the middle of nowhere instead of selling ice to an Eskimo living in Alaska.

It’s a basic principle.  First and foremost, there needs to be a demand for the service or product you have to offer.  If there is a demand, it then becomes a matter of supply.

Are you wondering what this has to do with emotional intelligence?

Why Emotional Intelligence is Important for Leaders
August 22, 2022

These days innovation, creativity, and the ability to think about problems in new ways are essential drivers to business transformation, competitive advantage, and the impact to the bottom line.  That’s one of the reasons why you won’t find a thriving Leader these days who doesn’t have diversity, equity, and inclusion on their list of priorities.


Three Small Details an Author Got Wrong and Why it Matters!
August 8, 2020

Authors and thought leaders are continuing to highlight emotional intelligence as a topic worthy of attention, discussion, and further exploration!  That’s great!

But here’s the thing…  A lot of these well-intended contributors are misinformed about emotions.  They have some of their information right, but there’s often a sprinkle of misinformation mixed in as well.


Why Guilt is Good!
July 25, 2022

Emotions activate for a reason.  You can think of them as “signals” designed to bring valuable information into your awareness.  The type of information depends on the emotion.  Each emotion is designed to serve a different purpose.

Guilt is no exception.  Contrary to popular belief, Guilt is a healthy emotion.


Why do People Get Angry?
July 11, 2022

Emotions are designed to come and go.  Activate and deactivate.  Just like a light switch that turns on and off.

Once you understand this, the next logical question is, “What causes an emotion to activate?”  That answer depends on the specific emotion.

In the case of Anger, this is an emotion that activates when someone does something or something occurs which conflicts with your values and beliefs.


How do You Control Emotions?
June 27, 2022

Want to know the best way to control your emotions?  That’s simple.  Stop trying.

People who believe controlling your emotions is a good long-term strategy are misinformed.  These misinformed individuals work tirelessly trying to exercise control over something that’s actually working as designed.

What is Emotional Intelligence?
June 13, 2022

Although emotional intelligence is a complex subject, it can be boiled down into a simple definition.  My definition of choice is as follows:

Emotional intelligence is your ability to recognize, pay attention to, understand, and effectively engage with emotions in a manner that helps you achieve your preferred outcomes.

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