Empowered by Emotions!
A 12-week comprehensive program designed to empower women with emotional literacy AND intelligence!
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The majority of women are misinformed about emotions.

At the end of this program you will be fully informed; empowered with a whole new foundation of knowledge and practical skills.
You're in the right place if you are an ambitious woman who is interested in expanding your skills into the rapidly growing area of emotional intelligence.
By the end of the 12-week Empowered by Emotions Program you will:
  • Engage with Emotions - Engage intentionally with difficult emotions like Anger and Anxiety to avoid the drama and lost productivity associated with repressing or reacting to these powerful emotions.
  • Emotion Strategies - Understand the specific reason why emotions  activate and apply strategies to leverage them in a way that supports your desired outcomes and results.

  • Thinking Objectively - Evaluate the legitimacy of certain emotions to determine the extent to which  you are remaining objective and open-minded.

  • Influence & Power - Learn where your real power of influence actually resides so you can effect meaningful, lasting change.

  • Emotions Deep Dives - Complete five emotion deep dives on "frequent flying" difficult emotions which include Anger, Guilt, Fear, Anxiety, and Shame.
  • Mega Skills - Develop 12 "mega skills" which serve as the foundation for your master-level emotional intelligence practice.
The next public program starts in September 2024!
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How is the 12-Week Empowered by Emotions program delivered?
Once you are enrolled in the program, you will be granted access to the Empowered by Emotions program portal which is where all the content is stored.
Each week, new content is released to the portal.  Here you will find learning elements for the self-study portions of the program which include:
  • Recorded Lessons
  • Key Concept Summary Sheets
  • Video Animations
  • Exercises
  • Retention Recall Quizzes
  • Private Podcast

In addition, you'll be assigned to a group at the start of the program.  Together we'll meet on a weekly basis via Zoom to discuss that week's content.

These 60-Minute Weekly Calls are focused on enhancing your understanding, completing exercises, and skillfully applying the content to real-life scenarios.  Participants from past groups site these weekly calls as a program favorite!

In their own words...
Anne Marshall
Spring 2021 Alumni

"I went into the program feeling a little skeptical about whether or not I would learn anything new.  Boy was I wrong!  The Empowered by Emotions program has transformed the way I show up when navigating conflict, difficult conversations, and problem solving!"

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Suzanne Weaver
Spring, 2022 Alumni

"The program gave me the tools I needed to build better relationships at work and at home.  The use of real-life, relatable examples made this program perfect for my circumstances."

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Joanne Harrill
Winter, 2020 Alumni

"As a trained, certified, and established life coach, I routinely participate in professional development activities.  Hands down, Empowered by Emotions is one of the very best programs I have attended!  I found the content to be progressive, refreshing, and immediately actionable!"

What's included in the 12-Week Empowered by Emotions learning experience?

  • More than 50 Video Animations – On average, each of these clever animation videos is 90 seconds or less.  They are designed to summarize key concepts using a playful and engaging approach.

  • Emotion Definition List – Emotional literacy is a critical component to your emotional intelligence practice.  Once you know why each emotion activates you can identify and craft an intentional response.  This list of tactical definitions for each of the "frequent flying emotions" such as Anger, Guilt, Fear, and Anxiety, serves as a handy cheat sheet.

  • Emotion Flow Diagram – Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words!  This macro-level graphical representation depicts when emotions activate and your two basic paths for how to respond.

  • More than 50 Summary Sheets – These summary sheets support your learning process by ensuring you have easy access to detailed explanations of each of the key concepts in written format.

  • 12 Weekly Recorded Lessons – Each recorded lesson introduces a new mega skill that supports your emotional intelligence practice.  On average these lessons are 6 – 8 minutes and they lay the foundation for the week’s focus.

  • 12 Memory Retention Quizzes – The last thing we want is for your newly acquired knowledge to go in one ear and out the other.  These quizzes are 10 questions or less and are designed to support your memory recall.  They are a useful tool for identifying questions you might want to raise on one of the 60-Minute Weekly Calls.

  • 5-Step Sequential Process – This is likely to be the most useful tool that serves as the foundation of your emotional intelligence practice.  Using the five steps, you’ll learn how to skillfully deconstruct any situation in a manner that supports self-awareness, objectivity, and the art of responding to emotions with intention.

  • More than 50 Exercises - Remember, the goal is to walk the walk, not just talk the talk.  These exercises are designed to help you practice putting your newly acquired knowledge into action!

  • Program Portal – You will be granted access to an online portal where all the digital content is organized and easily accessible.

  • 10-Page Emotion Synonyms List – A little known secret is there aren’t hundreds of emotions.  There are hundreds of words to describe emotions but many of these are just synonyms for the same emotion.  This list of synonyms is a useful tool designed to enhance your emotional literacy.

  • 12 Live 60-Minute Weekly Calls – Each week, the group comes together for these live, highly interactive, instructor-led discussions.  If you've opted for the 1:1 Exclusive learning experience it will just be us.  These calls are your opportunity to ask questions, share real-life examples and take your learning to a whole new level.  Past participants continue to refer to these calls as one of the most valuable components of the program.

To maximize your learning experience, each week new content is released to the Program Portal in the form of Recorded Lessons, Video Animations, Key Concept Summary Sheets, PDF Reference Materials, and Memory Retention Quizzes.

Because the content is chunkified into manageable parts, you get to set your own pace.  You can learn that week’s content all in one sitting or a little each day.  This ensures you will have all the flexibility you need and ample opportunity to review the lesson content prior to joining the 60-Minute Weekly Call.
The next public program starts in September 2024!
Not Happy?  Unlikely.  But no problem...
An important goal of the program is to deliver an exceptional learning experience!

As soon as you enroll, you'll begin the process of developing your master-level emotional intelligence and will join the growing community of successful Empowered by Emotions alumni!

You have 2 weeks to fully engage whereby you can jump in and start learning about emotions and start developing new skills.   During this time, if for any reason you are not completely satisfied, we will refund 100% of your investment.  It's that easy.
Allison Giambra
Spring, 2019 Alumni

"The way Lisa has organized the program content into 'bite sized' key concepts makes it so easy to learn.  She is a master at knowledge transfer!

She's very committed to each participant's learning experience and holds the bar high.  She frequently reminded us 'It's not just about acquiring new knowledge... we want to make sure you develop the skills to actually do something with it!'

Throughout the program I felt fully supported in my effort to understand the content and develop my new skills."

Still trying to make a decision?
You should give the 12-Week Empowered by Emotions™ program a14-day risk free trial if you're motivated by any of the following goals:
  • Make better decisions and accomplish better results

  • Feel confident to disagree and express new ideas which prevents groupthink and herd mentality

  • Listen objectively to new ideas or concerns which drives optimal levels of healthy inclusion

  • Clearly articulate what you want or need which eliminates confusion and misunderstanding

  • Show up open-minded which means you will acquire a better understanding of what is important to others and why

  • Secure whole-team commitments which strengthens collaboration and means a higher likelihood of achieving departmental goals and objectives

  • Express your opinion without becoming combative which directly increases the extent to which your ideas are heard by others

  • Participate in difficult conversations without damaging relationships

  • Improve your approachability which means people around you will feel safe to share opposing ideas

  • Engage effectively in difficult conversations which leads to improved conflict resolution

  • Lean into healthy conflict which means you will be able to contribute to meaningful resolutions and outcomes

  • Remain calm and focused when your opinions are challenged which means more restraint and less regret

  • Remain attentive to opinions shared by others which leads to greater objectivity

  • Reduce the degree to which you feel threatened by others which means you are less inclined to be emotionally hijacked
The next public program starts in September 2024!
On a Personal Note...
Emotional Intelligence has literally transformed my life. My own experiences with challenging relationships, conflict, stress, and overwhelming responsibilities have deeply informed my approach to emotional wellness and resilience.

All things emotions have always been an interest, evolving over three decades from a personal curiosity into a life's mission. What began as a quest for understanding has blossomed into a dedication to empowering women with the superpower that comes from working with your emotions rather than working against them.

Working with my emotions, rather than against them, has been a game-changer in every facet of my life, particularly in strengthening my relationships, enhancing my health and wellness, and even bolstering my financial stability.

By embracing emotional literacy, I've learned the art of communication that deepens connections, resolves conflicts with compassion, and builds trust and understanding in ways I never thought possible.

This shift in approach has not only brought me closer to my loved ones but has also significantly reduced stress and anxiety, leading to a profound improvement in my overall health and wellbeing. Financially, being in tune with my emotions has empowered me to make more thoughtful decisions, manage stress around money more effectively, and approach my career and financial opportunities with confidence and clarity.

This holistic enhancement of my life is a testament to the power of aligning with our emotions, and it's a gift I am passionate about sharing with others.
The next public program starts in September 2024!
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