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Elevate Your Emotional IQ: Resources Tailored for Your Growth
Dive into the world of emotions with me and find just the right tools to grow and thrive. Whether you’re curious and just getting started with my Free Resources, ready to dive deeper with a Digital Course, looking to connect and learn with others in a Cohort-based Program, or eager to be inspired by engaging Speaking Engagements, I’ve got something for every step of your emotional journey.

My offerings are all about giving you the practical skills and insights to navigate life’s ups and downs with more confidence and ease.
Complimentary resources designed to introduce foundational concepts of emotional literacy and intelligence.
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Introduction to Emotional Literacy
This self-paced, online course on Emotional Literacy is a perfect starting point for those new to emotions or looking to refresh their knowledge.
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Empowered by Emotions Program
My flagship 12-week cohort-based program dives deep, offering live sessions, a content portal, group coaching, and interactive learning to truly transform your relationship with your emotions.
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Speaking Engagements
Dynamic presentations on the importance of emotional literacy and intelligence, aimed at fostering better communication and leadership in any professional setting
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Could Embracing All Emotions Be Your Secret to Success?
For years, leaders have been navigating life with a map that labels emotions as either "positive" or "negative" —a myth that has limited our understanding and put us at a significant disadvantage. This approach has encouraged us to chase after certain feelings while avoiding others, missing the crucial point: every emotion, regardless of its initial comfort level, serves a purpose and is a reservoir of valuable insight.

It's time to bust this myth wide open and replace it with a perspective that recognizes the true power of leveraging all of our emotions. Simply put, there are no negative emotions.

By learning to work with emotions—embracing the difficult ones as much as the joyful ones—we gain a strategic life advantage. This doesn't mean life's challenges disappear, but rather that we are better equipped to face them.

Empowered with this new understanding, we can navigate life's highs and lows with greater ease and effectiveness.

This shift in perspective doesn't just help us manage better; it transforms our approach to challenging relationships, conflict and all of life's complexities, ensuring we leverage the full potential of our emotional toolkit for better outcomes and results.

By challenging the original myth that divides emotions into "positive" and "negative," we open the door to a redefined emotional intelligence. This new approach encourages us to embrace and leverage the unique strengths of every emotion we encounter, transforming what was once unfairly labeled as a weakness into our most powerful ally!
Empowerment or Healing: Is Education or Therapy Your Path?"
In the journey toward personal growth and emotional resilience, it's crucial to distinguish between education and therapy. While both are valuable, my approach focuses on education, equipping you with knowledge and skills to navigate life's challenges more effectively.
The products and service I provide are centered on imparting knowledge and developing skills in emotional literacy and intelligence. This approach is about learning to understand and leverage your emotions as tools for decision-making, relationship building, and personal empowerment. It's proactive, aiming to equip you with a foundation of skills that can be applied in everyday life to prevent and manage stress, enhance communication, and improve overall well-being.
On the other hand, therapy often focuses on healing and addressing past traumas, emotional disorders, or psychological issues. It's a valuable process for those needing to work through specific emotional challenges or mental health conditions, typically involving a healthcare professional.
The distinction lies in the focus and outcome:
  • Education empowers you with the skills and knowledge for self-improvement and preventative care in emotional health.
  • Therapy provides a healing space to address and work through existing emotional and psychological challenges.

Ultimately it's about choosing the path that aligns with your current needs and goals.  Opting for education in emotional literacy and intelligence marks a proactive step towards self-awareness and resilience, well suited for those looking to enhance their life skills and navigate challenges more effectively. This choice doesn't negate the value of therapy but complements it by equipping you with essential tools for daily life and future challenges.
Hi there!
I'm Lisa Welsher, and my journey has evolved me into an educator, mentor, and passionate advocate for the transformative power of all emotions.

My own experiences with challenging relationships, conflict, stress, and overwhelming responsibilities have deeply informed my approach to emotional wellness and resilience.

Emotional Intelligence has always been an interest, evolving over three decades from a personal curiosity into a life's mission. What began as a quest for understanding has blossomed into a dedication to empowering leaders with the superpower that comes from working with your emotions rather than working against them.

I believe that mastering our emotions is not just about managing life's difficulties—it's about thriving in the face of them. My goal is to share these invaluable emotional literacy and intelligence skills with as many leaders as possible, so they can navigate life with greater ease and effectiveness.
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