Speaking Engagements
My speaking engagements are more than just presentations; they are dynamic experiences designed to inspire, educate, and spark lasting change.

Speaking at conferences, professional development events, and within local professional organizations, I specialize in curating talks that resonate with the specific needs of the audience. This personalized approach ensures that every listener can leave with practical insights, and a tip or two for real-world application.

Leveraging a storytelling approach that's as engaging as it is relatable, I bring to life the critical yet often overlooked skills of emotional literacy and intelligence. Known for my energetic delivery, relatability and use of humor, each talk is crafted to not only captivate but also to ignite curiosity and encourage new thinking as it relates to these skills.

My engaging talks are available both live or through virtual platforms, ensuring accessibility and convenience for any event or audience.
Podcast Guest
As a podcast guest, I bring a vibrant mix of insights and anecdotes from my extensive background in both the corporate sector and personal development. My conversations are rich with lessons on emotional literacy and intelligence, peppered with engaging stories from my own journey. My aim is to not just inform but also to inspire podcast listeners, sparking their curiosity about the transformative power of emotional literacy and intelligence in navigating life's challenges.

I'm adept at tailoring our discussion to fit the theme of your podcast, ensuring that every listener gains valuable, actionable insights they can immediately incorporate into their daily lives.

Inviting me as a guest on your podcast means opening the door to a session filled with meaningful dialogue, practical tips, and the motivation to explore emotional literacy and intelligence deeper. Let's collaborate and create an episode that resonates, educates, and entertains, leaving your audience empowered and eager for more.