Emotional Literacy:
The Essential First Step Toward True Emotional Intelligence!
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This self-paced, online course equips learners with the practical knowledge needed to identify and understand emotions, interpret feelings accurately, express emotions constructively, and make informed decisions influenced by emotional insights.
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What's Included...
All of the content materials are accessible via the Emotional Literacy Content Portal.  Here you’ll find a rich array of materials designed to cater to different learning styles and reinforce your understanding of the Emotional Literacy concepts!

You can dive into the Recorded Lessons for comprehensive insights, and be captivated by the carefully crafted Video Animations that bring key concepts to life.

Enhance your learning with the Key Concept Summary Sheets, perfect for comprehensive reviews. Apply what you've learned through the Exercise Worksheets, designed to deepen your understanding and personal application as you develop your emotional literacy. Apply and reflect on what your learning using the Course Journal, ensuring that key ideas are not just learned but retained.

Lastly, you’ll also have exclusive access to a Private Podcast, where you can absorb course insights on-the-go, making learning flexible and accessible wherever you are. This holistic suite of resources ensures you can gain a thorough grasp of emotional literacy, setting you on a path to greater emotional awareness and intelligence.

And so much more!
2 Recorded Lessons (~5 minutes each)
12 Video Animations (~1 - 2 minutes each)
14 PDF Key Concept Summary Sheets
14 PDF Exercise Worksheets
1 PDF Course Journal
14 Private Podcast episodes (~7- 10 minutes each)
12 Emotion Definitions
Over 100 Synonymys for Emotions
14 Mini Challenges
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In Their Own Words...
Specifics About What You'll Learn...
Ready for even more details?  This course sheds light on the myths surrounding emotions, offers you a simple way to identify and categorize them, and shows you how emotions can actually be your best advisors. You'll learn about the unique ways emotions surface, how to handle them with care, and the power of recognizing emotion contagion and the effort behind emotion labor in daily life.

It’s all about giving you the tools to navigate your emotional landscape with ease and confidence, making every day interactions richer and more meaningful. Let’s embark on this journey to deepen your emotional literacy, enhancing your personal growth and enriching your relationships along the way.
  • No Negative Emotions – Busting the longstanding myth about emotions
  • The Emotion Flow – A step-by-step flowchart depicting when and why emotions activate and your options for responding.
  • Four Emotion Categories – A simplified way of logically organizing all emotions
  • Frequent Flying Emotions – Detailed definitions for 11 specific emotions including Anger, Fear, Anxiety, Guilt, Shame, Sadness.
  • Trusted Advisors – The intended role your emotions are designed to play
  • Emotions are a Call to Action – The real reason your emotions activate
  • Three Responses to Emotions – The difference between repressing, reacting, and engaging and how they each serve a purpose.
  • Emotion Intensity vs Emotion Energy – An often overlooked distinction that can be especially helpful with identifying emotions in complex situations.
  • Emotions are Always True but They aren’t Always Right – Why objective thinking when
  • Feelings vs Emotions – Another practical tip for identifying emotions in complex situations.
  • Emotions Synonyms List – Over 200 words used to describe 11 basic emotions.
  • Emotions are Not Mutually Exclusive – What’s really happening when more than one emotion is active at the same time.  (Spoiler Alert:  This happens most of the time.)
  • Emotion Contagion – How emotions can spread from one person to another, influencing the mood and behavior of groups or individuals around them.
  • Emotion Labor – The effort of managing and sometimes altering one's emotional expressions to meet the expectations of a social or professional role
Designed Specifically for Leaders!
Who is This Course For?
You are a professional, a spouse, an educator, a parent, or anyone who has come to realize you are missing a foundation of knowledge about human emotions.

Perhaps you've recently noticed some consequences associated with a lack of emotional literacy.  For example:
  • Struggling to identify and understand your emotions, leading to confusion and overwhelm.
  • Misinterpreting others’ emotions, resulting in misunderstandings and strained relationships.
  • Expressing emotions in ways that are either too aggressive or too passive, causing conflicts.
  • Making decisions without considering emotional impacts, leading to regret and dissatisfaction.

Or maybe you're already knowledgeable about your emotions but you're ready for deeper insights into how they can be leveraged for navigating life with greater ease and effectiveness.

Regardless of how you got here, I've got you covered!  I've put together a fabulous course that's going to completely uproot the way you've been thinking about your emotions!
More In Their Own Words...
By the end of this course...
You will have...
  • 🚫 Dispelled the myth that emotions are inherently positive or negative, embracing all emotions as useful and informative.

  • 🔄 Mastered the Emotion Flow, understanding precisely when and why emotions become active, and how to respond effectively.

  • 🗃️ Gained the ability to categorize all emotions into four logical groups, simplifying how you perceive and process emotional experiences.

  • 🔍 Acquired detailed knowledge of 12 frequent emotions, including Anger, Fear, Anxiety, Guilt, Shame, and Sadness, understanding their nuances and why they activate.

  • 💡 Established your emotions as Trusted Advisors, acknowledging their intended roles and the guidance they can offer in daily life.

  • 📢 Uncovered the true purpose behind emotional activation, viewing emotions as calls to action that guide your responses to various situations.

  • ⚖️ Identified the differences between repressing, reacting to, and engaging with your emotions, and learned how each approach serves a specific purpose.
  • 🔎 Learned how to differentiate between emotion intensity and emotion energy, enhancing your ability to identify emotions accurately in complex scenarios.
  • 🤔 Understood that while emotions are always true to your experience, they aren’t always right in what they suggest about external circumstances.
  • 🔄 Discovered how to distinguish between feelings and emotions, adding clarity to your emotional identification process in challenging situations.
  • 📚 Expanded your emotional vocabulary with over 200 synonyms, enriching your ability to describe and communicate your emotional states.
  • 🎨 Realized that emotions can coexist and are not mutually exclusive, appreciating the complexity of your emotional landscape.
  • 🌐 Grasped the concept of Emotion Contagion and its impact on social dynamics and personal well-being.
  • 💼 Acknowledged the significance of Emotion Labor in professional and personal realms, and learned strategies to manage it without compromising your authenticity.
What it is and What it's Not
There's an important point I'd like to clarify.

Simply put, this course is on Emotional Literacy. It is a precursor to Emotional Intelligence. You have to first understand and recognize emotions (Emotional Literacy) before you can effectively manage and utilize those emotions in complex personal and social situations (Emotional Intelligence).  Anyone who tells you otherwise is wrong.

This progression from knowledge to application highlights the importance of developing a solid foundation in Emotional Literacy as a stepping stone to achieving higher levels of Emotional Intelligence.
Emotional Literacy

Emotional Literacy is the ability to recognize, understand, and name one's own emotions and the emotions of others. It's akin to learning the alphabet before being able to read and write; it's the foundational knowledge of emotions.

The focus here is on the basic understanding of emotions. It involves being able to identify different emotions, understanding what causes them, and recognizing their manifestations in oneself and others.

Emotional Literacy is crucial because it's the first step toward emotional development. Without the ability to understand and identify emotions, it's challenging (maybe even impossible) to manage them effectively or use them in ways that lead to positive outcomes.

This includes knowing the vocabulary of emotions (being able to name feelings), recognizing physiological signs of emotions (such as a racing heart indicating anxiety), and understanding the basic concepts that support the understanding all emotions serve a purpose.
Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence builds on the foundation of Emotional Literacy. It involves the skills and abilities to manage one's own emotions effectively, navigate emotional situations, make decisions based on emotional information, and influence or help regulate the emotions of others.

The focus of Emotional Intelligence is taking things to the next level.  It's all about the application of understanding emotions. It's about using the knowledge of emotions gained from Emotional Literacy to engage in self-regulation, empathy, motivation, and social skills.

Emotional Intelligence is essential for personal well-being, successful relationships, and goal achievement. It allows individuals to navigate the complexities of social interactions and personal challenges with a level of finesse and understanding that leads to more positive outcomes.

This encompasses self-awareness, self-regulation, social awareness (empathy), and relationship management (social skills). It's about applying the knowledge of emotions in practical ways to achieve goals, manage conflicts, and foster relationships.
Refund Policy
My goal is to provide high-quality, transformative educational content that empowers you to enhance your understanding of emotional literacy. Given the nature of digital courses, including instant access to all course materials upon purchase, I do not offer refunds. This policy is in place because, unlike physical products, digital information can't be returned once it is accessed.

That said, I understand every learner's journey is unique, and satisfaction can vary. To ensure that you derive maximum value from the course, I offer a unique form of support for those who may find themselves less than satisfied. If you have any concerns or areas of the course that you find challenging to understand, I am committed to offering up a 45-minute call for personalized clarification and support.

Please make every effort to ensure the course meets your needs before enrolling, as by signing up, you acknowledge and accept this refund policy. I am dedicated to your learning success and I am here to provide the guidance needed to support your journey towards enhanced emotional literacy.
On a Personal Note
Emotional Intelligence has literally transformed my life. My own experiences with challenging relationships, conflict, stress, and overwhelming responsibilities have deeply informed my approach to emotional wellness and resilience.

All things emotions have always been an interest, evolving over three decades from a personal curiosity into a life's mission. What began as a quest for understanding has blossomed into a dedication to empowering women with the superpower that comes from working with your emotions rather than working against them.

Working with my emotions, rather than against them, has been a game-changer in every facet of my life, particularly in strengthening my relationships, enhancing my health and wellness, and even bolstering my financial stability.

By embracing emotional literacy, I've learned the art of communication that deepens connections, resolves conflicts with compassion, and builds trust and understanding in ways I never thought possible.

This shift in approach has not only brought me closer to my loved ones but has also significantly reduced stress and anxiety, leading to a profound improvement in my overall health and wellbeing. Financially, being in tune with my emotions has empowered me to make more thoughtful decisions, manage stress around money more effectively, and approach my career and financial opportunities with confidence and clarity.

This holistic enhancement of my life is a testament to the power of aligning with our emotions, and it's a gift I am passionate about sharing with others.
- Lisa