Exceptional Leadership
5 Reasons Why Emotions Belong in the Workplace
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Get ready to revolutionize your leadership approach with these transformative insights into the power of emotions in the workplace!!
Why this Mini-Course?
This mini-course is priced at just $17 to make it an irresistible offer for any leader. It’s designed to shift your perspective and spark a new appreciation for the role of emotions in enhancing workplace dynamics.

"Exceptional Leadership: 5 Reasons Why Emotions Belong in the Workplace" challenges the longstanding misconception that emotions don’t belong in the workplace. Through five succinct lessons, this course will:
  • Challenge Preconceived Notions: Explore how traditional views on emotions in the workplace might be holding back your organization's potential.
  • Highlight Strategic Benefits: Understand how emotions can lead to improved productivity, better team dynamics, and more effective communication.
  • Inspire a Shift in Perspective: Encourage a new way of thinking about emotional expressions as a source of insight and advantage.
  • Cultivate a More Engaged Workforce: Discover how embracing emotions can foster a more motivated and committed team.
  • Lay the Groundwork for Deeper Learning: Leave leaders eager to delve further into emotional literacy and intelligence.
What's Inside the Course?
This digital mini-course provides comprehensive online access to all materials, enabling you to explore and learn at your own pace, wherever you are. Delve into five concise mini-lessons, each packed with a dynamic animation video, in-depth written description, and an interactive quiz designed to reinforce and test your understanding of each key concept.

Alongside the digital content, you'll also receive a downloadable workbook, enhancing your learning experience and providing practical applications to bring the lessons to life in your daily leadership role. This course isn't just an educational journey—it's a strategic tool designed to unveil the untapped potential of emotional intelligence in creating a more effective and intentional leadership style.
More Details on What's Included...
  • Five Mini-Lessons- Each of the five lessons in this course centers on a unique aspect of emotions in the workplace, emphasizing why and how emotions can play a beneficial role in leadership and team dynamics. Every lesson is crafted to challenge traditional views and inspire new ways of thinking.
  • Animation Videos- To make learning engaging and accessible, each lesson features a professionally animated video. These videos, lasting less than 90 seconds each, effectively communicate the core concept of each lesson, making complex ideas easy to grasp and memorable.
  • Detailed Descriptions- Accompanying each animation video, you will find a detailed description that dives deeper into the key concept. This written content elaborates on the ideas presented in the animations, providing context and additional insights to enhance your understanding.
  • Retention Recall Quiz- To ensure that the key concepts are not only understood but retained, each lesson includes a Retention Recall Quiz. These quizzes are designed to test your accurate understanding of the material, reinforcing learning and helping to solidify your new knowledge.
  • Accompanying Workbook- To further support your learning experience, the course includes a 25-page comprehensive workbook. This resource is designed to complement the digital content, providing space for note-taking, reflection, and action steps that encourage application of the concepts in real-world scenarios.
A Few Last Points to Consider
  • Quick and Insightful: Complete this primer in just under an hour—a perfect fit for busy schedules.
  • Easily Accessible Learning: At only $17, this course offers exceptional value, aiming to be accessible for leaders at all levels.
  • Thought-Provoking Content: Each lesson is crafted to make you reconsider the value of emotions in a professional setting.
  • Future Learning Opportunities: Completion of this course opens the door to further exploration and deeper understanding of emotional intelligence.
Refund Policy
My goal is to provide high-quality, transformative educational content that empowers you to enhance your understanding of emotional literacy. Given the nature of digital courses, including instant access to all course materials upon purchase, I do not offer refunds. This policy is in place because, unlike physical products, digital information can't be returned once it is accessed.

That said, I understand every learner's journey is unique, and satisfaction can vary. To ensure that you derive maximum value from the course, I offer a unique form of support for those who may find themselves less than satisfied. If you have any concerns or areas of the course that you find challenging to understand, I am committed to offering a 15-minute call for personalized clarification and support.

Please make every effort to ensure the course meets your needs before enrolling, as by signing up, you acknowledge and accept this refund policy. I am dedicated to your learning success and I am here to provide the guidance needed to support your journey towards enhanced emotional literacy.
On a Personal Note
Emotional Intelligence has literally transformed my life. My own experiences with challenging relationships, conflict, stress, and overwhelming responsibilities have deeply informed my approach to emotional wellness and resilience.

All things emotions have always been an interest, evolving over three decades from a personal curiosity into a life's mission. What began as a quest for understanding has blossomed into a dedication to empowering women with the superpower that comes from working with your emotions rather than working against them.

Working with my emotions, rather than against them, has been a game-changer in every facet of my life, particularly in strengthening my relationships, enhancing my health and wellness, and even bolstering my financial stability.

By embracing emotional literacy, I've learned the art of communication that deepens connections, resolves conflicts with compassion, and builds trust and understanding in ways I never thought possible.

This shift in approach has not only brought me closer to my loved ones but has also significantly reduced stress and anxiety, leading to a profound improvement in my overall health and wellbeing. Financially, being in tune with my emotions has empowered me to make more thoughtful decisions, manage stress around money more effectively, and approach my career and financial opportunities with confidence and clarity.

This holistic enhancement of my life is a testament to the power of aligning with our emotions, and it's a gift I am passionate about sharing with others.
- Lisa