A Little about Me
My “first mountain” was a rewarding 25-year career in management consulting, where I navigated the complex dynamics of the corporate world. Throughout this time, I witnessed firsthand how emotions such as anger, anxiety, guilt, fear, and shame frequently became the undercurrent of inefficiencies, leading to significant time and energy wasted in the workplace.

These weren't just fleeting moments; they were powerful forces, often the root cause behind vast amounts of wasted time and energy, not only in the workplace but spilling over into home life as well. The ripple effects of these emotional undercurrents on teamwork, productivity, and personal well-being highlighted the critical need for emotional literacy and intelligence in fostering healthier, more effective environments both professionally and personally.

Focused now on my “second mountain,” I have the good fortune of being able to pivot my attention.  I am now dedicated fulltime to empowering women with the tools of emotional literacy and intelligence. This transition marks not just a change in my career path but a deeper commitment to paving the way for profound transformations in both the boardroom and the living room.
Why start with Women?
While the principles and insights of the Empowered by Emotions program are universally applicable, I’ve specifically tailored it for women due to their critical role in enacting meaningful change both at home and in the workplace. Women often lead by example, influencing their families and setting a standard in professional environments where role modeling is essential.

My experience has shown that women tend to be open to exploring and implementing behavioral changes, which not only benefits them personally but also has a ripple effect, enriching the lives of those around them.

My Empowered by Emotions program aligns with the transformative power of women, designed to equip them with the tools they need to navigate life's challenges with greater ease and effectiveness, and to continue being the beacon of positive change across all aspects of their lives.
Creative Collaboration Opportunities
While my current marketing efforts are concentrated on empowering career-minded women with the tools of emotional literacy and intelligence, I’m always on the lookout for joint partnerships and creative collaborations.  Afterall, the need for these skills transcends virtually every community imaginable.

The Empowered by Emotions materials are intentionally designed to be modular, allowing for collaborative opportunities to slice, dice, and reassemble learning experiences that cater specifically to the needs and challenges of any audience.  It’s basically a versatile learning ecosystem. With over 50 key concepts distilled into concise, entertaining video animations, comprehensive Single Sheets, interactive Exercise Worksheets, and Retention Recall Quizzes, the content is intentionally crafted for maximum flexibility and impact.

Perhaps you represent a professional organization interested in enriching your course offerings. My materials are ideally suited for integration into existing programs that may benefit from the inclusion of emotional literacy components, potentially enhancing professional development pathways with Continuing Education Units (CEUs) or Professional Development Units (PDUs).

If you represent an organization looking to pioneer emotional intelligence initiatives, or if you have innovative ideas on how the Empowered by Emotions content can be adapted and applied, I'd love to hear from you. Together, let's explore how we can make emotional literacy and intelligence a cornerstone of personal and professional development across a multitude of communities.